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Title: Ratios and Relevance
Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Categories/Genres: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Angst, Drama, Romance
Length: Medium (11101 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: dhampir_72, wyomingnot
Author Website: dhampir72
Author Website: wyomingnot


You are being watched.

The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I know because I built it.


As a long time fan of both James Bond and Person of Interest, you cannot imagine how utterly gobsmacked I was to discover this crossover. Bond and Q fit shockingly well into the roles of Harold Finch and John Reese, their respective quirks and histories lining up so naturally that I'm ashamed of myself for never having thought of it before.

dhampir72 revamps the Person of Interest pilot quite thoroughly within the James Bond universe, bending some elements of the film canon to suit the needs of James' version of John Reese's backstory. Even the most casual fan of the show will recognize dialogue taken straight from the pilot, but dhampir72 does occasionally rearrange and recreate scenes to keep it from being too close a copy. Elements of later seasons of the show are combined with locations and characters from the James Bond canon in a well blended mix that rewards those who have watched the show, though no knowledge of it is required to understand the story.

Included is wyomingnot's video, a fanvid set within the crossover universe.

Ratios and Relevance
Title: one day, we'll get nostalgic for disaster
Fandom: The Flash (TV)
Pairing: Caitlin Snow/Iris West
Categories: AU, Romance
Length: Long [17297 words]
Warnings: none

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: celaenos' AO3

Summary:The first words that Caitlin Snow ever say to Iris are, “I need you to urinate in this.” (Or, au where Iris West is The Flash.)

I love these kinds of AUs where the girl ends up being in the male heroes shoes. This is one enticing story and one amazingly well written AU where Iris West ends up becoming the Flash instead of Barry. Essentially it's a retelling of season one but with the dazzling twists and turns that come with putting Iris into the role of protagonist and hero.

It's wonderful to see her figure out her powers, her life, the feelings she has for Barry, and fall in love with Caitlin.

Absolutely a recommended read.

one day, we'll get nostalgic for disaster

Only Begotten by Astolat (R)

Title: Only Begotten
Fandom: Lucifer (TV) /Damien(TV)
Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar/Damien Thorn; Damien Thorn/Amani Golkar/Simone Baptiste
Categories: Crossover, Dark, Family, Friends, Romance
Length: 10k
Warnings: Mentions of Suicide, Religious Ideology, Incest, mentions of past rape

Author on LJ: astolat
Website: A03

Summary: “Detective, when the Antichrist does make his grand entrance, which I assure you I’d have to know about well in advance, he won’t be killing people one by one,” Lucifer said dismissively.

Review: This is a crossover between the tv shows Lucifer and Damien. I've only watched Lucifer, but Astolat ' s characterization is so solid for the characters from that show, I'm sure her Damien voice is equally solid.

Despite the darkness of the two shows involved the fic is very sweet and heart warming. Mostly revolving around Damien and Lucifer shared need for someone that won't die out and leave them.

Only Begotten

Charioteer by Petrichoral (general)

Title: Charioteer
Fandom: The Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner
Pairing: gen, background Attolia/Eugenides
Categories: gen, action/adventure, drama, historical
Length: medium, 13,854 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: Petrichoral on AO3

Summary: Captured in battle and stuck in the Mede capital, Costis has given up all hope of seeing his country again. But Eugenides has a habit of turning up where he's least expected.

Review: “Costis,” the king said, looking down at the blanket, “why do I have this?”

“Because,” Costis said, then stopped, because he wasn’t going to say you’re the king out loud here. “It’s your right.”

The king balled it up and threw it back to him. “We are sleeping on the ground in an enemy city, one blanket between us, and, oh yes, we appear to both be slaves. If you can’t come off your high horse here, you must be glued to the saddle.”

With the fandom's first fic exchange ('Hamiathes' Gift') hovering, Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief has been on my mind lately, and I've been re-reading the books and reading over the fanfiction. I've been aware of this particular fic and the high praise it was getting since the Yuletide it landed, but fics in this fandom are harder to sell me on if they don't feature the Queen of Attolia herself, and Costis has never struck me as the most exciting character.

Nevertheless, when I was finally persuaded to read it, it did not disappoint. This is... kind of a serious fandom, what with all the pre-marital maiming and the intricacies of who is planning/waging/holding off from war with whom and all the intense twisty politicking, but this fic manages to have both the politicking and hijinks! Absurd hijinks -- note the tagging of 'ridiculous plans' -- but hijinks that still manage to fit the nature of the fandom. Costis and a Eugenides temporarily parted from his 'king-ing' role make the central odd couple to share the adventure, captured and forced to race chariots for the entertainment of an enemy power. I still want to bop Costis on the head for a touch too much grovelling and "I'm-not-worthy", particularly near the beginning, but Eugenides' characteristic stunts and the wonderful way that the wider tale spins out -- and it does include a few cameos from Queen Irene herself and some background machinations to make me happy -- more than make up for it.


And All Things Nice by Fahye (PG-13)

Title: And All Things Nice
Fandom:  Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie)
Pairing: Gen (Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Captain Hook)
Categories: AU (gender-based), Character Exploration
Length: Medium
Warnings: Weight and Dieting Self-Hatred, Canon-typical Violence, Abusive Leaders, Child Endangerment and Disappearances
Author on LJ: fahye
Author Website: Dreamwidth Tumblr

Author’s Summary:
Girls, you know, are much too clever to fall out of their prams.

In this fic, Peter Pan is a girl who never grows up.

The tone is as unusual as the premise, switching between tense immediacy and didactic assertions, but oddly fascinating. The imagery is lovely, concise and vivid, conveying characters vividly. Peter gets the spotlight, lying, playing, charming and careless, but Hook’s appearance is equally breath-taking.

I recommend the fic to anyone familiar with the book or movies.

And All Things Nice
Title: hit me baby one more time
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Alternate Universe, Fluff, Romance, Fluff
Length: Medium (8114 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: Springsteen


The facts were these: Eric Bittle owned a pie shop, Jack Zimmermann played professional hockey, and an early morning encounter had slightly painful and entirely unforeseen consequences. (This is not a pushing daisies au, but there is an adorable tiny blonde character, a tall awkward dark-haired character, and a bakery.)


If there's one thing you can count on Jack Zimmermann to be when confronting his feelings for Bitty, it's awkward. Which is how he walks away from a poorly planned meetcute with a bruised face.

hit me baby one more time is charmingly true to the Check, Please! canon in spite of being an AU. Jack is shy and awkward, Bitty is certainly no wilting violet, Shitty and Lardo are excellent wingmen, and Chowder is ever so Chowder-y. There are pies, two boys shuffling toward each other after a disastrous first impression, and more sweetness than you can shake a stick at.

hit me baby one more time

Tag Team Romance by Momokai (Explicit)

Title: Tag Team Romance
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Aerith Gainsborough/Zack Fair, Aerith Gainsborough/Zack Fair/Cloud Strife
Categories: romance, pwp,
Length: Medium [9387 words]
Warnings: none

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: n/a
Author/Artist/Creator Website: Momokai

Zack pines, Aerith hatches a plan and Cloud's just along for the ride.

This is one romantic, fluffy and searing hot threesome fic. It's told from the point of view of Aerith who is in established relationship with Zack and the plot is pretty straightforwardly about the two of them inviting Cloud to be part of their little romance. Zack and Aerith are both interested in Cloud and she is the one who suggests to Zach that she would be really more than okay with Zack and Cloud hooking up - if she can watch and be part of it.

There is a hot solo shower scene for her and while I usually enjoy my porn as part of a greater plot, this was such a nice perspective and has some nice observations on top of being hot that I can heartily recommend it as a read.

Tag Team Romance

Finer Things by china_shop (Mature)

Title: Finer Things
Fandom: Eureka
Pairing: Jack Carter/Henry Deacon
Categories: first time, slash
Length: short, 1634 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: china_shop
Author Website: china_shop on AO3

Summary: Jack stays over at Henry's, the first time.

Review: Jack is doing his best to seem calm, Henry can tell, but there's a thick aura of waitingness about him. Henry idly toys with the idea of waiting expressed in particles—anticipatrons, perhaps—and a complex chain of equations blooms in his mind. He shuts it down. Something to think about later. He leans into Jack a little less subtly.

I've recced china_shop's fic previously (in Due South fandom) and there's an exuberance in the characters the way this author writes them. A warmth that, particularly for Jack and Henry -- who are such good friends on-screen despite the wrenches canon throws in their relationship -- is really needed to deliver their essence on the page.

Finer Things is only a short snapshot, but I think it gets Henry, including the treat of a POV with turns of phrase wrapping up science metaphors with an easy drawl that captures of the voice of the genius-everyman combo Henry is. It contrasts with the energy of a Jack Carter that's bursting off in all directions. I could definitely hear them both speaking in this.

Finer Things

AN AVVAR LOVE STORY by Mikkeneko (PG-13)

Fandom: Dragon Age II
Pairing: Anders/ Male Hawke
Categories: Romance, Fluff
Length: Long

Author on LJ: mikkeneko
Author Website: Dreamwidth

This begins with Hawke meeting spirits as he grows up. (Young Hawke is bold, but does his best to respect others. It’s adorable.) There is some nice world-building regarding spirits and Avvar tradition.

The rest is about how this Hawke would court Anders, which is very fun to read, and contains far less harsh reality than Dragon Age generally does.

Essentially, close to the whole fic is fluffy romance.

Title: A Short History of Eric Bittle and Closets
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Fluff, Romance, Character Study
Length: Medium (7834 words)
Warnings: An instance of homophobic language and bullying

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: fragilehuge


When he’s a child, Eric’s favorite place in the world is inside the closet. He’s too young to understand the irony.


While there's no definitive source for the idiom's creation, the act of 'coming out of the closet' is thought to be a combination of two metaphors: that of 'coming out' as gay to the gay community, and that of the 'skeleton in the closet'. Over the decades, the meaning has become more streamlined, more based in the idea of coming out of hiding.

fragilehuge takes a more literal interpretation of the mixed metaphor, placing Bitty in physical closets and miscellaneous storage rooms at key points in Bitty's life from his early childhood to adulthood and how those moments tie into his sexual orientation. Some of these spaces are benign. Some are comforting, and some are not. But they all pale in comparison to the freedom of being out with Jack.

A Short History of Eric Bittle and Closets
Title: Legions of True Hearts
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy Summers/Spike
Categories: Romance, Time Travel
Length: Super Epic [180156 words]
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: eurydice72’s AO3

Summary: Post graduation, a restless Buffy goes to London to escape the memories of Angel, only to lose herself in unexpected dreams. But is William real, or is he a distraction? Is he, possibly...both?

Sweetly spun time travel fic that brings together Buffy and Spike, when Spike is not Spike yet at all, but sweet, timid gentleman William - and it takes Buffy a while to figure out how all of that connects and what that means for her. It's epic and sweet romance that only this kind of time travel makes possible.

This is one epic length story and every word, and every little plot twist just pulled me in. There’s a lot of interesting worldbuilding and interesting extension to slayer lore. It’s very plotty. There is a magical plot that sends Buffy down the time travel road and there is sweetly, slowly developing romance, that doesn't keep the supernatural plot back, but is satisfyingly interwoven with it.

The canon characters are well utilized and get nice character arcs. Especially the building of backstory for William is very touching and interesting and sheds an interesting light on Spike. The foreshadowing adds a whole lot of depth to all the interactions he has with Buffy and to everything we learn about his life. Buffy seems very vulnerable at times, but she also feels and sounds very in character. The OCs are also well built and utilized, and that makes for a truly enjoyable read.

The story even has an epic continuation in A Symphony of Echoes, that I is also well written, but that I personally don’t love as much as Legions of True Hearts, probably because something about the historic setting and exploration of a more innocent “Spike” just adds that tiny bit more spice to the first part of the epic one for me.

Legions of True Hearts

A Week of Coming Out by katmarajade (Teen)

Title: A Week of Coming Out
Fandom: Harry Potter (gen)
Pairing: none
Categories: drama, family, coming out, LGBT
Length: medium, 2302 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: katmarajade
Author Website: katmarajade on AO3

Summary: Ginny finds the courage to come out to her brothers. Some are more understanding than others.

Review: She decides that it's time to tell her brothers on Sunday. The urge has been there for a while and after a bottle of a particularly lovely Gewürtztraminer she realizes that she has five brothers and five days in the week and telling one per day is not nearly so daunting as all five at once. It's not one of her more brilliant plans, but it's a plan, which is something.

A Week of Coming Out revolves around five days, five discussions, and a range of five very different reactions Ginny faces coming out to her brothers. Despite its relative brevity, it carries an emotional impact. Percy's response in particular had tears in my eyes.

A Week of Coming Out
Title: Break These Chains on Me
Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Angst, Drama, Character Study, Post Canon
Length: Medium
Warnings: Canon Dysfunctional/ Abusive Relationships

Author Website: ff.net AO3

Author’s Summary:
Tsuna has never wanted to be a mafia boss. Nobody else seems to understand this.

Perhaps it's time to make them.

Katekyou Hitman Reborn repeatedly has Tsuna objecting loudly to whatever new task he's been set as heir to a Mafia boss, then being forced to do it by way of threats. Break These Chains on Me challenges this status quo without outright abandoning it.

Tsuna and his guardians have changed a little with age, becoming more self-confident, more calm and more loyal to each other, but they are all still distinctively themselves. Over the course of the fic, Tsuna has to redefine his relationship to his guardians and to the Vongola as a whole. It is very easy to see why Tsuna doesn't want to risk these relationships, but also why his morals (and self-determination) require that he make a stand.

Break These Chains on Me on AO3
Break These Chains on Me on fanfiction.net
Title: Ethics of Journalism
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Outside POV, Friendship, Fluff, Romance, Established Relationship, Coming Out, Humor, Post-Canon
Length: Medium (9564 + 3167 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: exampleusername
Author Website: rosepetals42


When Dan Erikson is assigned to write an article about Jack Zimmermann's years in college, he thinks he knows what he's getting into.

Then he meets Professor Simpson, Jack's photography professor.


Don't let the first few lines distract you, this so-called 'not-fic' turns into actual fic pretty quick, the author delving into Jack's academic life through the eyes of “Good Guy Reporter Dan Erikson” as he sets out to write about Jack's college years.

For all that Dan is a fairly undeveloped character, he's no idiot, but he's not ruthless the way reporters in fanfiction are often portrayed. When he sees Jack's photographs of Bitty it's easy enough to put together the clues and realize that Jack's feelings for Bitty are obviously more than platonic. He's tempted, but ultimately he lets the story, and all the potential consequences of it, remain a secret. A few years later, he's called to finally write about that secret, this time with the full blessing and cooperation of Jack, Bitty, and the rest of the Samwell crew who'd lived and played alongside them.

I've also included an adorable coda from Bitty's perspective, narrating the first time he and Jack are able to attend a publicized event as a couple, set after the events of Ethics of Journalism.

Ethics of Journalism
Drunk Jack Zimmermann
The first chapter of Ethics of Journalism has also been podficced by Podcath!
Title: A Chemical Sort of Sickness
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Categories: AU, fluff, romance, h/c
Length: Medium [14521 words]
Warnings: medical procedures (not too graphic)

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: n/a
Author/Artist/Creator Website: Tobiroth at AO3

Summary:Whether you were a Third Class SOLDIER getting your injections for the first time or a seasoned First Class, used to the bi-monthly Mako treatments that kept Shin-Ra’s special forces in prime physical condition, there was one shared, universal understanding between the troops as far as those things were concerned: they sucked.

This story is just one of those fuzzy warm happy fluff pieces that I need once in a while and I wanted to rec it for a long time.

It’s basically a story where Cloud gets his first mako shot, and through the haze and sickness that causes he meets Sephiroth and ends up being friends with Zack… and then he gets the chance to return the favor and be Sephiroth's friend and a little more than that.

It makes for a really nice and smooth read with tons of delicious hurt/comfort, but without the usual angst that comes with Cloud failing the exams that still explores Sephiroth and his complicated relationship with Hojo and Shinra.

This is one of my highly recommended stories.

A Chemical Sort of Sickness


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