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True North by Crysothemis (NC-17)

Title: True North
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Ray K
Categories: Angst, post CotW
Length: Epic
Warnings: none

Author on LJ: crysothemis
Website: http://crys.mrks.org/index.html

This is my most frequently re-read Due South story (though tomorrow's rec, Like a House on Fire, runs a close second) and yet it's also close to a guilty pleasure. Fraser is just this side of a doormat, Ray's gay freakout goes on *forever*, and Maggie keeps making human interaction mistakes that are more reminiscent of, well, Fraser.

And yet, this story is *addictive*. Halfway through The Quest, Fraser and Ray visit Maggie and she inadvertently tells Ray that Fraser is in love with him. Ray has a big gay freakout and goes back to Chicago, where he discovers that life without Fraser kind of sucks. So (after an incredibly awful attempt at gay sex that goes very, very badly), Ray heads up north with a box of condoms and a tube of lube and prepares to grin and bear it. Yeah, Fraser's not impressed either.

What works for me in this fic is the palatable *longing* between Fraser and Ray, coupled with the way that Ray slowly comes to grips with the idea of sleeping with men (trust me, it's not a short process). You've also got lots of trust issues (by now ya'll must have realized that's one of my biggest kinks), and misunderstandings, hope, fear, and angst all rolled up into one big ball of awesomeness. It's a story to be savored time and again.

True North


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