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Title: Like a House on Fire
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Ray K
Categories: Angst, humor, post CotW
Length: Very Epic
Warnings: none

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Whenever I think about this story I get excited all over, which is pretty impressive seeing as I've read it nearly as often as I've read Pride and Prejudice. It's got a lovely mix of everything: angst, humor, and an original premise that really works for me.

The vast majority (read: all the fics I've ever read but this one and Blueprint) of post-CotW fic wherein Ray returns to Chicago while Fraser stays in Canada have Ray losing his shit about being all alone until he feels compelled to track Fraser down and (awkwardly) declare his love. Of course, knowing Ray as we do that makes perfect sense, but this story shows us another very possible reality: Fraser, lacking the support network he spent three or four years building and no longer having snotty supervisors to butt heads against, finds himself at loose ends and starts to let himself go. Meanwhile, Ray, having a solid support network for the first time in a very long time (maybe ever), has settled down and matured into the responsibility of his job and his life. When Ray goes to Canada to testify against a Canadian criminal caught in America, Fraser realizes just how far he's sunk (which: this is Fraser, so his definition of 'sunk' and our definition of 'sunk' aren't exactly on the same level) and is forced to confront himself about what that means regarding his life and how much he misses his time in Chicago.

Fraser and Ray are just fabulous in this story: time has passed and they've changed a little (something that doesn't happen often enough in fanfic), but they're still the boys we know and love. They're backed with a whole town of interesting original Canadian characters, cameos from all of our DS favorites, and a long, engaging plot. One of the absolute best DS fics ever written.

Like a House on Fire


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