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Yikes! Sorry to get this posted up so late...

All That We're Allowed
Author: Sue Necessary
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Pairing: Chris/Vin
Categories: Romance, AU, hurt/comfort, angst, first time
Length: Epic
Author on LJ: n/a?
Website: SueN's Magnificent 7 Stories

Author's summary: Something has gone wrong in Chris's friendship with Vin, and both men are suffering because of it.

SueN is my go-to author when I want angst, particularly of the Vin variety, and featuring a strong Chris-and-Vin relationship (whether gen or slash). This story set in the ATF!AU is chronicles Chris and Vin getting together after a good dash of angsting, hurt/comfort, and martyr!Vin. Seriously, there is a certain amount of melodrama to go along with the romance but sometimes, that's just what you're in the mood for. Chris starts off as a real asshole (responsible for most of the hurt in the aforementioned hurt/comfort) but shapes up pretty quickly which means that most of the story is spent on the comfort.

It's a guilty pleasure for me, but I'll admit it, this story just makes me go gooey inside.

All That We're Allowed


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Oct. 11th, 2008 04:05 am (UTC)
Great recommendation! Sue is a terrific author and really does a great job with Vin and Chris. Thanks for the reminder of this story.
Jan. 7th, 2013 10:19 pm (UTC)
Kind of passing through, checking out the GenKill and Arthur/Eames recs (thanks). Commenting to say the link for this story leads to some commercial page and not to a story. I tried the website link, but this story is not on the website - apparently is adult enough that you need to email the author to see it? Maybe add a note about that to the rec, and check/remove the link?
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