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Chicago's Most Wanted by Speranza (NC-17)

Title: Chicago's Most Wanted by Speranza (NC-17)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Categories: Humor, Angst, Action, Amnesia
Length: Epic
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: cesperanza 
Website: http://www.trickster.org/speranza/index.html

Due to circumstances that do not need to be explained at this juncture (but which are explained in the story), Fraser finds himself without his memory and with the understanding that he is a criminal. Being Fraser, he promptly decides to be the best criminal he can be. While donating a ton of money to charity. And poor Ray is the sucker who has to catch him.

I love amnesia!fic, I love Speranza's DS stories, I love humor, I love angst, and I love quirkiness. All of which are present in abundance in this story. Frankly, this is awesome enough to have been an episode of the show, with a slashy/smutty bonus (just in case you needed a bit more convincing). All around wonderful.

Chicago's Most Wanted
Tags: fandom: due south, genre: action/adventure, genre: amnesia, genre: angst, genre: humor, length: epic, pairing: fraser/kowalski, recs by jane

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