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Nine Somewhens, by Claire (R)

Title: Nine Somewhens
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Hiro/Adam, with a smattering of Hiro/Yaeko, Kensei/Yaeko, Charlie/Hiro, Hiro/Elle
Categories: AU, Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Established Relationship, Fluff
Length: Medium
Warnings: non-graphic m/m sex in the 7th section, some violence

Author on LJ: seaouryou
Website: herostratic

Author's Summary: Alternate realities like woah. Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds 5YG!Hiro/Adam very hot.
Hiro/Adam has always been, at least for me, a pairing that there just isn't enough fic for. And it's a shame, because there's a lot of potential in this pairing, but I won't get into that particular rant right now. But now and again, you come across a gem like this fic and it doesn't seem so bad anymore.
This fic explores nine alternate universes, starring Adam and Hiro. Whether it's a timeline where Hiro and Adam are on a never-ending tour of waffle houses of the world, or a future where Hiro saves Adam from being executed, these universes are well-developed and interesting, with quite a range of genres in between. I in particular liked the 5th section, which was satisfyingly creepy and dramatic.

Nine Somewhens


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