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Ways to Be Quiet Series, by Glossing (NC-17)

Title: Ways to Be Quiet
Fandom: The DCU
Pairing: Tim/Bart
Categories: Romance, Angst, Slash, Action
Length: Long [29,000 words between the two stories]
Warnings: Explicit slash, some violence implied, some canonical deaths implied/expressed

Author on LJ: glossing 
WebsiteGlossing's Fic

The set of two linked stories about Tim and Bart are, perversely, sweet - perversely, because it's not portrayed as an entirely healthy relationship, or even as the typical comics romance (which I would almost never brand as healthy). The characters experience anger, grief and other strong emotions so expressively, that I was impressed with the depth Glossing had given them. Tim was still Tim, and Bart still Bart, but they were both a bit more than they've been written/drawn in the past. 

Basic storyline: Tim and Bart get together almost accidentally, stay together despite some realistic disapproval from some of their peers, and weather losses. Extra points for the Bart-as-Tim's-sidekick bits.

[For those not in the know: Tim = Robin no. 3, Bart = Impulse and later Kid Flash.]

Link: "No Dull Flesh", and "Whatever Life You Wear".
Tags: fandom: dc comics, genre: action/adventure, genre: angst, genre: romance, length: long, recs by trace_by_echo
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