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Title: This Is Getting To Be A Habit, or Why It Isn't A Good Idea To Get Stabbed In The Head
Fandom: House/Heroes
Pairing: implied Nathan/Peter
Categories: Humor, Crack, Mystery
Length: Medium (~13,000 words)
Warnings: light implied incest

Author on LJ: futuresoon
Website: N/A

House is drawn into a puzzling case when a man and his brother fall out of the sky, and he falls into a coma. Of course, House is more concerned about whether they're sleeping together than the actual case. Drama, science and hilarity ensue in their race against time to find out what's keeping Peter Petrelli from waking up.
Okay, I'll admit that one reason I'm reccing this particular fic because I am lazy, and I promised myself that I'd rec a House fic this week, but I ended up reading nothing but Heroes stuff and also because there can never be too many House crossovers. But that is not the only reason, never fear! I'm also reccing this because it has a good case for House to solve, (Rich, possibly gay incestuous senator's brother is falling into random comas! Oh noes!) that doesn't seem contrived or a reach on the part of the author. Another, much shallower reason is House's unrelenting belief that they're having sex with each other, which is hilarious.

This Is Getting To Be A Habit, or Why It Isn't A Good Idea To Get Stabbed In The Head


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Length Guidelines

Short: under 2,000 words
Medium: 2,000-15,000 words
Long: 15,000-40,000 words
Epic: 40,000-100,000 words
Super Epic: 100,000+ words


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