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Fear & Self-Loathing, by Perdiccas (NC-17)

Title: Fear & Self-Loathing
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Mohinder/Sylar
Categories: Drama, Horror, PWP
Length: Long (~30,000)
Warnings: NC-17 for violent imagery, explicit sexual situations, and psychopathic murders pretending to be mild-mannered musicians from Virginia Beach.

Author on LJ: perdiccas
Website: Fic Masterlist

Author's Summary: Missing scene fic between Unexpected and Parasite. After discovering Dale's body, Mohinder and Zane are faced with a thirty-six hour drive back to New York. Mohinder has trouble coming to terms with the brutality of the murder and finds Zane's non-reaction to her death increasingly disturbing. As they drive, Mohinder's suspicions mount that Zane may not be who he says he is, and, trapped beside each other in the car, Mohinder is forced to confront what had happened between them in Montana.
Fear & Self-Loathing is an AU occurring between episodes 1.16 (Unexpected) and 1.18 (Parasite), where Mohinder and "Zane" are on a roadtrip, trying to get to Sylar's next victims before he can, and warn them of the brain-stealing psycho who's coming for them. This scenario, of course, gets used a lot in writing slash, but it's rarely written as well as perdiccas has done it. . This fic is interesting and suspenseful, with a lot of awesome smut, and excellent characterization of Mohinder and Sylar. One thing I liked in particular was the characterization of Sylar, who is creepy and manipulative, but by no means omniscient, which is refreshing from the usual divide between sweet!misunderstood!Sylar and evilevilevil!Sylar in fic. The only thing that really bothered me about this fic was the fact that it's not finished, but it's easily ignorable, if you know what happens in Parasite.

Fear & Self-Loathing
ETA: No longer a WIP! "Parasite" starts where the ending leaves off :)


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