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Title: Follow Me Back With the Sun in Your Eyes.
Fandom: Ugly Betty.
Marc St James/Cliff St Paul.
Categories: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance.
Length: Long.
Warnings: None.

Author on LJ: secondmezzanine 
Author Website: wintry_hours (Fic and Icon Community)

I had pretty much given up on finding good Marc/Cliff fics (I've complained about the lack of them before) when I found secondmezzanine' story.

"Follow Me Back" is a fantastic Marc/Cliff fic (and long too, which is definitely a bonus). The writing is superb: all characters – from Marc and Cliff to more supporting ones like Betty and Amanda – are wonderfully portrayed and the dialogue manages to capture the felling of the show perfectly. It's also a post-"Tornado Girl" story (though it also mention events from the next episode, “When Betty Met YETI”), which means it follows the aftermath of Marc confessing to Cliff he cheated on him and the subsequent break up of their relationship (something I had really wanted to read about). While dealing with their separation, Marc and Cliff also remember their relationship, something the show barely explored.

I love the fact that while Marc’s betrayal is not glossed over, neither is he made into a heartless villain: his sorrow is just as vivid as Cliff’s (more so, perhaps, because it carries with it the added weight of guilt and the despair associated with seeing Cliff trying to get over him by dating someone else).

It is a long and highly angsty road until the desired happy ending, but a truly incredible one. “Follow Me Back” is the best Marc/Cliff fic I’ve ever read and, in my opinion, one of the greatest fics in the UB fandom as a whole.

Follow Me Back With the Sun in Your Eyes (pt. 1) (pt. 2)


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