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RR -- Harlequin AUs

Here's how it works:

Every Friday, I post a theme. It might be as simple as a fandom or a pairing, or it might be a premise or story category. Anyone who's interested can comment to that post, reccing one story that meets that week's theme.

The rules are simple:
-No more than one story recced per person, per theme.
-Include a link to the story (or a link to each part, if the story has more than one)

That's it. Unless specified otherwise in that week's theme, you get to choose the fandom, the pairing, the length, the rating, etc. Feel free to rec your own stories, stories by your friends, or fabulous fic that you've loved for years and that no one has ever recognized before. Heck, if you want you can rec something already I've already recced, though it's extremely unlikely I'll be reviewing fic a second time. I'll read all of your recommendations and they'll get added to my pool of possible stories to review.

(As a side note, while you're welcome to rec stories of any length, pairing, rating, yadda, yadda, if you really want to increase your chances of getting the story reviewed in this community you should probably shoot for longer, completed fics with happy endings. Especially the latter. It's hard to picture me reccing something too sad.)

What do ya'll think? Sound like fun?

This week's theme: 

Harlequin AUs

(Also, I'm looking for feedback on Reader's Recs themes.  Do you prefer a general theme, or a specific fandom?  What about pairings?  Would you like me to include more specific details, such as a length clause?)
Tags: genre: harlequin, recs by our readers

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