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Bros Before Hos by kleenexcow (PG-13)

Title: Bros Before Hos
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Matt/Mohinder-ish
Categories: Fluff, Humor, Preslash
Length: Medium (~6000 words)
Warnings: no actual sex, s2 spoilers re: Matt, Molly and Mohinder

Author on LJ: kleenexcow
Website: word_play_sam

Author's Summary: I’ve got everything your basic MattMo fic needs:
Fatherhood silliness? Check.
An adorable Molly? Check.
Witty Banter? Check.
Sexual tension? ...
...hold on just one second...where’d the sexual tension go? Holy crap, did I just write series of interconnecting MattMo drabbles where they’re actually straight?!
This is quite possibly one of the gayest gen stories I have ever read. Of course, season 2 of Heroes was pretty freakin' gay, so kleenexcow had a lot of canon to work with. Needless to say, this fic effortlessly walks the fine line between bromance and romance, with wonderful, heart warming results. This is a fantastic story about finding a family in the people around you and taking care of the people you care about, and it has completely and utterly ruined me for all other Matt/Mohinder fics.

Bros Before Hos


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