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Title: When the Ice Goes Out and Moonrise
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Categories: angst, drama, post-CotW
Length: Epic
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: kelliem 
Website: http://kellie.mrks.org/

After Call of the Wild Fraser moves back to Canada, where he proceeds to be bored out of his mind, even though the locals have taken to staging bar brawls just to give him someone to arrest. Then he gets a letter in the mail and finds out that RayK has quit his job and is now missing. It's up to Fraser to find him, and there are a lot of surprises on the way...

I love post CotW fics and this is a great one, with plenty of delicious relationship angst, an intriguing mystery (where in the world is Ray Kowalski?), and lots of self-evaluation from both of our boys. There is one scene with Ray and an OMC that I'm not thrilled about, but it's only a couple of pages long and it's more than made up for by the absolutely fabulous scene where Fraser and Ray finally meet again. Bonus: a unique (and yet utterly perfect) job for Ray. Double bonus: a smutty sequel featuring outdoor sex. Triple bonus: Diefenbaker being awesome! A great story all around.

When the Ice Goes Out


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Dec. 20th, 2010 11:29 am (UTC)
Loved it, thanks for the rec!
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