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Alternate Universe, by Violet Anchovy (R)

 Alternate Universe
Fandom: Heroes
Categories: AU, Fluff, Romance
Medium, bordering on Short (~3000 words)
Warnings: enough fluff to give you cavities, OOC (but in a good way)

Author on LJ:


In another time, another universe, Gabriel Gray gets what he deserves when Chandra Suresh’s son comes to him with the intention of finishing his murdered father’s work.

Sylar is by far my favorite character in Heroes, because he just has so many facets to his character. There’s the sociopathic serial killer, willing to carve a bloody swath of victims to get what he wants, the trickster with a thousand different faces, and the morally gray villain who envisions himself a hero, but there’s also poor little Gabriel Gray, the sensitive watchmaker who dreamed of being special, and had his heart broken when Chandra Suresh said he wasn’t. He’s by far my favorite part of Sylar, because, for all that he’s a total woobie, he’s still Sylar in the end, ambitious and greedy and willing to sacrifice everything to have his firm belief that he’s special to be validated by the world. But Gabriel had some hard knocks dealt to him, which then gave birth to Sylar, he of the sawed off skulls, and my tender fangirl heart weeps for him and his lost innocence. Alternate Universe gives Gabriel the happy ending that he could’ve had, and it’s just a really great feel-good romance. Who says serial killers can’t find love too?

Alternate Universe


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Mar. 28th, 2009 08:01 pm (UTC)
I'm really not into Heroes at all, but this story is just so damn adorable I simply cannot resist it. I love, love woobie!Gabriel.
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