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Ordinary Boy, by saestina (PG)

 Ordinary Boy
Fandom: Heroes
 Gen, with some implied Peter/Claire
Categories: Angst, Humor
Medium (~3400 words)
implied incest

Author on LJ:


After the Bennet family is torn apart by tragic circumstances, Claire and Lyle take shelter with the Petrellis. Claire may fit right in, but Lyle feels a little uncomfortable being so ordinary in a decidedly unordinary family.

I hold a lot of love for the Bennet family, and how, no matter how weird or dangerous things get, they care and protect each other to the best of their ability. But the lesser-known Bennets, Lyle and Sandra, don’t get a lot of fic written about them, so it’s really awesome that saestina writes such an amazing Lyle POV. He comes off as such a great kid, who, despite much protesting, loves his sister a lot, and feels protective of her, despite her being able to deal with most things. I really love the Claire and Lyle dynamic, and I even like the Petrellis in this fic, no matter how soap-opera they get in the series. The functional dysfunctionality of the Petrellis is really highlighted as they try to make a home for the Bennet siblings, and it's just so sweet to read. In short, I really, really love this fic, and whenever I read it, I just want to hug my sibling and then give them a noogie for shits and giggles. :)

Ordinary Boy


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