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A Mystery, by Merrow (PG)

Title:  A Mystery
Fandom:  Fruits Basket
Pairing:  Kyo/Tohru/Yuki UST (canon amounts), OMC/Tohru
Categories:  romance, not-really-a-mystery, fluff
Length:  Epic [~77,000 words]
Warnings:  n/a

Author on LJ

SMALL FANDOM WEEK, YAY!  Even though nearly all of my fandoms are small...

Review"Tohru finds something interesting in her locker one morning."  An OMC wants to date Tohru, but can either Kyo or Yuki just stand by and let it happen?

This story was written after the anime finished, but way before the manga was complete.  Merrow wrote the characters as they were at the time, and many of the character developments that occurred in canon are understandably not present.   For the same reason, a few OCs appear in the form of Tohru's classmates, when a later-written story could have easily used identified characters.  That said, this story is still marvelous in its handling of the characters' personalities.  The characters grow in a different, but no less plausible direction than they do in the manga. 

As for the main plot, our boys experience jealousy, anger and all the less-attractive emotions that go along with competitive romances, but there's hope, too.  Tohru finds out what she wants, but it takes time and a lot of soul-searching.  The OCs are well-written and make you wish that they existed in the canon, and the situations seem like they could have happened in the early manga volumes.  The open-ended conclusion is classic Furuba, too.

I've been wanting to recommend Merrow, as she has written some of the best Furuba fic that I've seen, but unfortunately most of it is unfinished (she's an author who goes at a slow and steady pace).  "A Mystery" is complete, and well worth your attention. 

A Mystery


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