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Lost Causes by ducks_in_a_row (R)

Posting on behalf of lolitakun

Title: Lost Causes
Fandom: House, M.D.
Categories: Humor, Angst
Long (~17,000 words)
Warnings: Wilson
whumpage, character almost-death, prescription drug abuse

Author on LJ:
n/a (as far as I know)


House is jealous of Stacy, but soon realizes that maybe the jealousy is less about him being a possessive and controlling friend, and more about something a little deeper than platonic love, especially after an impromptu confession by Wilson.

I absolutely loved the House in this fic, all snark and lack of people skills. ducks_in_a_rowhas a great grasp on his motivations, and even during the big romantic conclusion, he never suddenly turns into a sensitive, sweet guy. He is, to quote Chase in the fic, "so completely, utterly evil that the weight of his evilness actually warps the fabric of space-time around him, trapping us all in his sphere of malign influence." And goddamn, how I love him for that. Wilson is also really awesome in this fic. He's just as f*ed-up as House, but in a different way, and the ensuing character angst between the two is believable and touching. This is absolutely one of the fics I would make everyone read if they asked me 'why House/Wilson?'.

Lost Causes


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Apr. 26th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks for making me read this! It takes a bit of prodding to make me read House ficcage, but this was entirely worth my while. ^^
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