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Twilight Time by Shadow (NC-17)

Bonus rec because I haven't done one in a while! :)

Title: Twilight Time
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance
Length: Super Epic
Warnings: Child abuse and bloodplay

Author on LJ: n/a
Website: A Shadow-y Alcove

After a chance meeting in one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries, Spike and Xander quickly realize that they have more in common than they ever realized and more to gain from each other than they could have ever hoped.

For fans of Buffy, you know these characters. Xander, the carefree donut boy, who's fiercely loyal and routinely underestimated. Spike, badass black sheep of a vampire, who's an unwilling and uncaring ally (after he loses his bite) to the Scoobies. It isn't hard, upon reflection, to see why so many people 'ship these two, really. They're both cute, both brave, both strangely vulnerable in some ways and ridiculously brave in others. Twilight Time does an excellent job of capturing classic Spander (Spike/Xander) at its very best.

I can't even begin to say how much I enjoy this story. I bought it in 'zine format, if that's any indication, and have read it more times than I care to admit. Not only does it push all my hurt/comfort buttons - of which there are plenty - but the author does some of the best characterization for all the character's that I've seen. Never too over the top, this story easily slots into the Buffy 'verse and makes it easy for us to believe in this pairing. Before anyone jumps in, however, I do have to warn of a fair bit of Buffy bashing in this story, mostly due to the fact that Buffy and Spike hate each others guts and Xander has this whole downtrodden thing going on. I'm a fan of Buffy and it didn't happen to bother me, especially since it was in line with the story, but if Buffy is your favorite character and you're sensitive to the bashing, I might be leery.

Twilight Time


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Long: 15,000-40,000 words
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