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MST of A Love without end by ennui blue lite (R)

Title: MST of A Love without end
Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster/House
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster (and, um, Jeeves/Skwye *shudder*)
Categories: MST, parody, CRACK
Length: medium
Warnings: Jeeves/Skwye, (mildly) implied (but still horrifying in context) incest

MST Author on LJ: ennui_blue_lite
Original Author on LJ: skyblue_reverie

For Halloween last year, skyblue reverie (my favorite author in the J&W fandom) posted a bad!fic called A Love without end, featuring a terrifyingly awful Mary Sue character called Skwye. And it was really, *really* badfic. So bad, in fact, that I wasn't able to suffer through the whole first paragraph before giving it up. Fortunately ennui blue lite promptly MSTed it (with skyblue's permission and assistance), which turned what was a painfully bad fic into one of the most hilarious parodies I've ever read.

For those who grew up on the dark side of the moon, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST) was a television show that mocked really, really bad films by way of a human and three very sarcastic robots stuck on a space station (long story for another time). Fanfic MSTs usually feature these same robots or just add mocking comments every few lines in italics. ennui blue lite chose to go a different route, using the combined characters of House and J&W for mocking duty (for those that don't know, Bertie Wooster was played by Hugh Laurie, who plays Gregory House). The result is unbelievably funny, especially as everyone is in character and House in particular is in top form as he continually picks on Bertie (till Jeeves puts a stop to it, of course). Even if you've never watched J&W or are just a casual House fan, I highly recommend this fic.

MST of A Love without end 

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Tags: fandom: house, fandom: jeeves and wooster, genre: crack, length: medium, pairing: bertie/jeeves, recs by jane
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