February 26th, 2008


The Girl for Me by failte200 (NC-17)

From Mei:

Title: The Girl for Me
Fandom: original
Pairing: original m/m pairing
Category: romance
Length: epic
Warnings: cross-dressing; one scene involving semi-non-consensual sex

Author on LJ: n/a
Author's Website: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/513599/failte200

Author's Summary: Straight jockboy Kevin thinks he has gay crossdressing Dani under his thumb. Kevin only likes girls. So... why does he keep thinking about her?

This is a strange story; I can't quite figure out why I liked it. The plot summary itself was interesting enough, but what really prompted me to read the story was the description of the author, a (self-proclaimed) middle-aged, straight male. And I thought, hm, that's intriguing, I wonder what kind of story he writes.

Kevin the football jockey finds out about Dani's secret at a party and subsequently 'persuades' Dani to tutoring him. It turns out that Dani is fairly smart and Kevin decides to use him to impress Kevin's rich uncle (whom Kevin wants to get a job with) at a funeral, where he somewhat suddenly realises he's attracted to Dani. Their relationship is met with very little resistance; Dani's parents and Kevin's rich uncle all seem to be happy for them...

Okay, this summary is dreadful, but in truth, I'm not entirely sure what made me finish this story in one sitting. I liked Dani quite a bit, his uncertainties (e.g. whether he wants to dress like a girl or he simply wants to be a girl) and struggles. Kevin, well, he's sweet and generally means well but often does stupid things. He does becomes a more attractive character in later chapters of the story where he matures and accepts more responsibilities, although I pictured him being one of those guys that will never figure out how to sort laundry or remember to pack everything for a trip. And there's no doubt about who calls the shots in Dani and Kevin's relationship.

Recommended for those who like coming-of-age and teen-self-reflection stories. If the author is really as old as he says he is, he has captured the mentality of teens exceedingly well, but then again, I've been told by a number of people that some men just never grow up.

The Girl for Me