April 10th, 2008

The Road Between The Walls by Keiko Kirin (NC-17)

Title: The Road Between The Walls
Author: Keiko Kirin
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/ Jack O’Neill
Category: Romance, Adventure
Length: Long
Warnings: Possible interpretation of dubious consent at times

Author on LJ: keiko_kirin
Author Website: Keikotorium

Review: Jack and Daniel are stuck offworld without ready access to a Stargate. As they wait for an opportunity to escape they're drawn into a mysterious pilgrimage with, as they come to find out, the most peculiar rites. And the roles they mistakenly assume don't make their trip any easier. However, as they make their way from one conflict and misunderstanding to the next, they learn things about each other that end up changing the nature of their relationship forever.

There are many things about this fic that I love: the overarching metaphors (it's the journey AND the destination for Jack and Daniel), the way we're slowly given hints of the emotions the two share, and the small details the author gives us (the image of Jack idly playing with pretzel sticks, for example, makes me remember how much I liked the show *and* turns me into a puddle of sap). Though it's not epic in length I never leave it thinking there should be more. It's one of those works that are just right just so, in my opinion.

The Road Between The Walls