April 11th, 2008


Simply Ray by Ardent (NC-17)

I was looking over my fandoms a few days ago and realized that I have more major fandoms than all of my co-reccers combined. Times two. Around the same time,[info]fredericks expressed an interest in reccing DS. It seemed like the fates were telling me to share the wealth. I'll be posting my last remaining DS recs next week and after that[info]fredericks will be taking over the fandom (though I may sneak in a futher rec or two:)

Title: Simply Ray
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Categories: angst, post-CotW
Length: medium
Warnings: established relationship

Author on LJardent_muses
Website: http://ardent.mrks.org/offer.html

Fraser and Ray move to Canada, but it doesn't go as smoothly as they expect. In fact, there's more miscommunication here than in ten Post-CotW first-timers, which is both impressive and very, very satisfying (at least for me, what with all my trust issues/miscommunication kinks). One of my favorite established relationship fics.

Simply Ray