April 21st, 2008


Sunrises Series by Julia the Younger (NC-17)

Title: Sunrises Series
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Categories: Angst
Length: epic
Warnings: written before Book 7

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: n/a?

After defeating Voldemort, Harry ends up returning to Hogwarts as the assistant Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Who has taken over the previously cursed position? Why Severus, of course, who is handling DADA *and* potions while simultaneously recovering from a near-death encounter with Lucius Malfoy at the end of the war. No one mentions a time-turner, but I think it's implied.

There are a few minor issues with this story -- grammatical errors in the beginning, at least one plotline that is started and abruptly dropped, multiple instances where you just want to smack the hell out of Harry, and the idea that a Hogwarts professor can handle *two* classes when there isn't logically enough time for them to handle *one* -- but fortunately they're easily overshadowed by the joy of a plausible, interesting plot, excellent characterizations, and nearly Harlequin levels of melodrama (well, that's a bonus for me, anyway). You've got your angst, your miscommunications, your smut. Even better, you have a fantastic sequel that manages to improve upon the original and a sweet ending to the series that left me grinning. Perfect for anyone looking for a blend of angst and high drama.

Happily Ever After