April 23rd, 2008


A Quiet War by Meredith Lynne (NC-17)

Title: A Quiet War
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Categories: angst
Length: epic
Warnings: established relationship (kinda)

Author on LJ: n/a?
Website: n/a?

Post-SenToo, but not including TSbyBS. Jim and Blair have been living together for three years, occasionally having sex, but never, ever sleeping together. And completely avoiding anything resembling healthy communication, I might add. Then things start to change: Jim meets someone and it starts getting serious, and Blair suddenly finds the need to start getting serious about finishing his dissertation. Angst ensues, nudged along by conversations that manage to talk about everything under the sun and yet communicate *nothing* (Blair! Jim! You really, really need to learn to talk about your feelings. Really!)

This story has a very polished feel to it, more so than most fanfiction out there. As a result, you get sucked into the story, even if it isn't your usual cup of tea. Even better, you've got Repressed!Jim and DesperatelyLonging!Blair and a female OC that manages to do what she needs to do for the plot without ever taking over the story or turning into a Mary Sue. Now that's an accomplishment.

A Quiet War (pt. 1), (pt. 2), (pt. 3)