May 7th, 2008


Ichor by Lobelia (NC-17)

From Mei:

Title: Ichor
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Sheppard/Wraith
Category: angst
Length: very long
Warnings: Wraith. It's not going to be pretty. *Character death*

Author on LJ: [info]lobelia321
Author's website:

Author's Summary
: John is trapped, on a desert island, with a wraith.

I would have never thought John/Wraith could work. I would have never even touched this if it weren't for pir8fancier's rec and complete boredom. The author supposedly wrote the first draft in 2006 but the final draft wasn't completely until April, 2008. But DAMN. It's well worth the wait.

I don't want to give away too much, although you'll realize that the actual plot is secondary in this story, since this is something you can only fully appreciate by experiencing it yourself. There is very interesting exploration of Wraith and human psychology, physiology, and culture by John and 'his' Wraith. It made me think about all the different cultures we have on earth, and how, in some ways, we are all aliens to another culture. And the plants, animals, and stars are key to understanding the story. Really, that's all I'm telling you.

I added the 'character death' warning as per Epic Rec's rules; I probably wouldn't have read the story had the author included this warning, but I must tell you--go read, for this death is unlike any other death you've seen.

Lobelia, I believe, has somehow woven magic into the story. Highly recommended.