May 13th, 2008

[Misc] MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art)

True Sight by Ainzfern (NC-17)

Title: True Sight.
Star Trek: Voyager.
Chakotay/Tom Paris.
Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance.
Some very light consensual bondage and liberal use of blindfolds.

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This is my favorite Chakotay/Paris story. Though the premise may seem a little wild (sex with a complete stranger while blindfolded in a spaceship where till very recently people were after your blood), it becomes believable as Tom comes to life through his own logs and explains his feelings and what shapes his decisions.  

The identity of Tom’s lover remains hidden till almost the very end, but since the author clearly labeled it as a Chakotay/Paris story I don’t believe there’s a problem in revealing it; on the contrary, knowing it just makes you more and more anxious to see when and how Tom will finally figure it out. 

Tom's voice is absolutely perfect and the smut incredibly hot. What more could one ask for?

True Sight.