May 20th, 2008

[Misc] MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art)

This Deadly Innocence by Leslie Fish (PG-13)

Title: This Deadly Innocence, or The End of the Hurt/Comfort Syndrome.
Star Trek (The Original Series).
Fluff, Hurt/comfort.

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McCoy diagnoses Kirk and Spock with a rather serious case of Hurt/Comfort syndrome and sends them both to
an idyllic planet on mandatory shore leave so they can work out their issues.

This story tackles one of the most explored aspects of Kirk/Spock (and slash fanfic in general): the fact that sometimes two male characters cannot bring themselves to express their feelings unless one of them is hurt or in serious danger. The one thing that makes it different is that the characters are made aware of how unhealthy that is for them and try (even if under duress, slowly and rather awkwardly) to change that.

“This Deadly Innocence” has the distinction of being one of the first Kirk/Spock stories ever published to make the leap from Gen to Slash (and thus helping to coin the term). While at times Kirk and Spock come out a little too innocent (Spock in particular) or a little too mushy, it’s still a very sweet story about the development of their relationship.

This Deadly Innocence, or The End of the Hurt/Comfort Syndrome.