June 2nd, 2008


What Happens in Freedom Stays in Freedom by Lenore (NC-17)

Title: What Happens in Freedom Stays in Freedom
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Categories: humor
Length: medium
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: scribblinlenore
Author Website: http://scribblinlenore.wordpress.com/

While under duress (her nephew, the nanny, went on vacation, leaving her to take care of her newborn *and* juggle a full-time job as police chief), the Chief sends Lassiter and Shawn off together to find a suspect. A really, really gay suspect. Who really, really, *really* likes his toys. Yeah. Frankly, it's amazing the show hasn't done this already.

Ya'll know I'm not much of a quotes person, but this is the number one reason I'm reccing this fic:

Spencer flipped open his phone and assumed a pitiful expression straight out of a soap opera, right down to the quivering lip. "Um, hi, is this Rolfe? I got your number from BoyToys R' Us." His voice broke. "Sorry. It's just my snookie puss and I are having some serious problems. There's this Samoan mud wrestler, and I'm pretty sure they're-- and he never tells me I'm pretty anymore. Please help me get my snookie puss back?" His face brightened. "This afternoon? Great! See you then."

Carlton narrowed his eyes. "I'd better not be the snookie puss in this scenario."

Just, *guh*! Seriously, the Carlton and Shawn voices in this story are so spot-on it's kind of scary. Add in the fact that this story has a plot (yay!) and is actually funny (seriously, it's amazing how depressing the Psych fandom is, considering the canon is a *comedy*) and you have a story made entirely out of awesome.

What Happens in Freedom Stays in Freedom