June 21st, 2008

tardis journal

Mirage Variation by Syrinx (PG)

Princess Tutu has a small, but rather devoted fan base – not quite a teeny, tiny fandom though. However, most of the worthwhile fic produced is rather short, so I figured, since this is the only fic for this fandom I’ll be reccing, that it would do for this week’s theme…

Title: Mirage Variation
Author: Syrinx
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Ahiru/Fakir
Category: Angst, romance, post-series
Length: long
Warnings: spoilers for the series’ end
Author on LJ: n/a?
Website: n/a?

Author's Summary: Fakir is living a quiet life with Ahiru now. Fakir's convinced that the power he used to have is gone forever. But if that's true, why has there suddenly appeared a mysterious vision on the lake, a vision of Ahiru as a girl...when Ahiru the duck is right here beside him?

Princess Tutu is often overlooked because of its rather unfortunate title and because of the crackishness of talking animals. In actuality, it’s a beautiful anime all about fairy tales, ballet, and the nature storytelling itself. This story is wonderfully true to the series and maintains that atmosphere beautifully. Syrinx captures the fairy tale quality of the original, and her writing is romantic and evocative. As someone who has had years of ballet training herself, she naturally weaves in a lovely use of ballet – a component critical to the series but often dealt with poorly by authors. Her Fakir voice is spot on, and she has the best “fixit” scenario to the series’ bittersweet ending that I have found – just the right amount of mystery and magic without it being pure deus ex machine.

Mirage Variation