June 28th, 2008

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College Stories Series by Lethe (NC-17)

Title: College Stories Series (Spontaneous Combustion, Catalyst, Adaptations, Impact)
The Real Ghostbusters
romance, fluff, mild angst, pre-series
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Author's Summaries:

Spontaneous Combustion: Peter and Egon meet. Heat ensues.

Catalyst: Peter and Egon find a third roommate.

Adaptations: The guys move in. Egon meets Peter's dad.

Impact: Peter's dream comes to life. He's rather it didn't.

I admit, this story has a special place in my heart - it's the story that first got me into this fandom in the first place. Essentially, it's an origins story , chronicling how Peter, Egon, and Ray first met and became friends at Columbia University, but with a slashy AU twist in that Peter and Egon fall in love and begin a romantic relationship.

It's a very sweet and endearing story, the sort of thing I reread when I want something that'll make me melt a bit. It's also a good story for those who are unfamiliar or only superficially familiar with the characters. Lethe has a wonderful grasp of character voices. Her voices are so distinctive, in fact, that despite the annoyance of unmarked POV changes, it's actually remarkably easy to pick up on within a few sentences. It's a very character-driven piece. She especially focuses on Peter and fleshing out the the caring, vulnerable part of him beneath his sarcastic and egotistical veneer, but also spends plenty of time on characterizing Egon and Ray as more than brainy and enthusiastic respectively. All in all, simply adorable.

Spontaneous Combustion

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