September 27th, 2013


Tony's New Assistant by MarbleGlove (Pg13)

Title: Tony's New Assistant
Fandom: Marvel's Avengers
Pairing: gen
Categories: AU, Action/Adventure,Crack, Humor,
Length: Long (27k)
Warnings:Alien viewpoints, A-moral main character

Author on LJ: marbleglove
Website: MarbleGlove

Summary:A trickster god does not go about acquiring power by brute force. AKA, the one where, instead of becoming a super-villain when he fell to Earth, Loki somehow ended up as Tony Stark's personal assistant.

Review: Okay, so I can't be the only one who loves a good smart and willing to learn Loki story. At least I hope I'm not.

This is an awesome and believable alternate!origin story for Loki. One where he's still amoral and bitchy and a little bit insane, (all the things that make up a good Loki characterization) but he is smart enough to know his own prideful weaknesses and see something admirable in a species that makes their way by their wits and their willingness to trick others.

The perfect species for a Trickster God with no family to adopt right?

This is a humorous, quick read, but does require some familiarity with the Marvel movie continuity(At least Thor and Iron Man), because it doesn't slow down long enough to re-cap all of the events of the movies

Tony's New Assistant
juri sunlight

P&T Muggle Adventures by VivacissimoVoce (R)

Title: P&T Muggle Adventures
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Categories: First time, romance, post-canon, Muggles
Length: Epic (43,929 words)
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: None
Author Website: Archive of Our Own

Dean Thomas and Harry Potter start a leisure business for wizards that specializes in giving tours of muggle London. Everything goes well until they receive a booking neither one of them wants to take. Harry embarks upon what he suspects will be the worst trip of his life.

When Dean and Harry started the idea of muggle-style holiday adventures for wizards, they hadn't expected it to catch on so well. What ensues is a fascinating, often hilarious take on how wizards might view the Muggle world.

Under the duress of their Aunt Gliese, who believes her relatives need a lesson in tolerance, the Malfoys arrive at P&T at Diagon Alley. Harry is horrified to discover that he'll be bringing them around London -- or more likely, waiting on them on hand and foot. Draco's obviously miserable at the arrangement, but Aunt Gliese is a force unto herself, and our heroes soon learn to get along with each other -- and then some.

[A quote I enjoyed]
“What is that?” Draco pointed at the digital alarm clock as though it were offensive.

“That’s a clock,” Harry said as though it were obvious.

“It’s blinking. And it’s bright,” Draco said. “And it has no hands.”

"You can unplug it if you don’t like it,” Harry shrugged.

“I noticed all of these things had strings tying them to the wall,” Draco knelt down and yanked the plug free, effectively extinguishing the clock. “I assumed it was an attempt to keep people from stealing your furniture.”

This is at times amusing, fascinating (seeing all the Muggle objects through new eyes!), sometimes heartbreaking, and overall sweet fic. A lovely read.

P&T Muggle Adventures