January 17th, 2016

Double Jeopardy by shortlimbs (PG-13)

Title: Double Jeopardy
Fandom: Check Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann, Derek "Nursey" Nurse/ William "Dex" Poindexter
Categories/Genres: Humor, Romance, Fluff, First Time
Length: Medium (7976 words)
Warnings: One character surprises another with heavy kissing while they're both pretty tipsy, but both parties are consenting

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: shortlimbs


Eric Richard Bittle does not choke on his drink. He is not thinking about Jack’s hands, nor is he thinking about twisting, checking, or any combination of the two. He is just a small southern boy who came to play hockey and mind his own business.


For all that Bitty/Jack was what I clicked on this fic for, it's literally all the other characters that really earned this fic an instant rec. Shitty's portrayal is in top form as he puts the frogs through their paces with Jeopardrink, a fantastic sounding trivia-based drinking game I wish I'd thought of in college. The frogs themselves are so adorable you just want to pinch their little freshman cheeks. Especially Chowder, who retains his innocence in spite of all the trauma the rest of the Samwell Men's Hockey team subject him to on this particular occasion.

Lardo makes an excellent partner-in-crime, and though her lines are pretty sparse between all the other insanity going on, her airhorn more than picks up the slack. Even Holster and Ransom make their presence felt as the 'studio audience'.

And Jack and Bitty? Well they're just as eye-rollingly, rainbow-spewingly, cavity-inducingly adorable in their whole mutual pining society as you'd expect.

Double Jeopardy