January 29th, 2016

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Happy Endings Are Overrated by sabaceanbabe (Teen)

Title: Happy Endings Are Overrated
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Pairing: Mags/Original Male Character
Categories: Backstory, Angst, character study
Length: Long [16317 words]
Warnings: none

Author on LJ: sabaceanbabe
Author Website: sabaceanbabe's AO3

Summary: The story of Mags' life, in reverse.

The thing about Hunger Games is that it has tons of interesting characters that we never get in depth information about. Most of the tributes fall into this category and one of the tributes of the Quarter Quell really spoke to me. Mags and her end really made me wonder about her beginning and about her mentoring Finnick.

This fic is all I could ever have asked for. As the summary suggests this fic tells the lifestory of Mags, gives a glimpse of her defining moments. The story is told in reverse and that is one of the reasons why it has so much punch to it. We know how Mags ended. Now here, layer for layer, we learn how she became the woman who offered herself up to spare Annie and Finnick. -there are sad and angsty moments and happy moments in between, the complexity of a long life lived and a woman who has been forced by circumstance but never entirely forgot that there were things worth fighting for.

It's really touchingly told and there is amazing detail and worldbuilding in this, that by looking at Mags lives, also builds backstory for Finnick, District 4 and the whole of Panem and the Hunger Games. This is an absolute believable history of how the Games came to be and how the culture surrounding them grew and how a bunch of Victors decided to use the Quarter Quell to their own advantage at the risk of their own lives.

Happy Endings Are Overrated