February 4th, 2016

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The Naked Eye by SQ (Teen)

Title: The Naked Eye
Fandom: To The Hilt by Dick Francis
Pairing: Alexander Kinloch/Chris Young (endgame), Alexander Kinloch/Emily Jane Cox
Categories: post-canon, romance, drama, het, slash, crossdressing character, first person
Length: Medium, 4768 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: SQ (proteinscollide) on AO3

Summary: After the war comes peace. The events that leave Al with new demons and scars also bring with it relationships and opportunities to grow: as a painter, a friend, and more.

After all the fuss died down, I went back to painting.

Emerald grass, sapphire skies, a flag flapping in the distance, a ball in sure trajectory. For the first few weeks, it was comforting to return to a world I knew well, a peaceful place far away from here, a myriad open landscapes without thugs and unspeakable cruelty and dangerous greed.

This marks a fannish sequel to one of the very few mainstream novels I've ever felt extremely slashy about without the aid of fanfic, namely Dick Francis' To The Hilt, mystery story about artist Alexander Kinloch. Gven that the nature of his relationship with his occasionally cross-dressing investigator-bodyguard Chris was one I thought was potentially going to end up not just subtext while I was actually reading the book for the first time, way back when -- in a Dick Francis novel, and I still wonder if it was meant to be romantic, and was stepped back -- it's nice to find fanfic that lives up to a continuation of the story from the book.

The fic works through being interested in all the things which the book is, so it genuinely feels like a linear continuation of the same story, with all the colours and textures of Al's life, the relationship with Emily as well as Chris, the painting -- omg, the painting -- and Al's family connections and the business side of his art, the little mentions of all the characters that appeared in the novel.

The scene of Emily meeting Chris is probably the most delightful, and the way Al's art is so present throughout.

The Naked Eye

Dwarves & Damsels by Lumelle (Pg13)

Title: Dwarves & Damsels
Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Kíli/Tauriel, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli/Ori, Dís/Dwalin
Categories: AU, Family, Romance
Length: Long (20k)
Warnings: Misgendering

Author on LJ: lumelle
Website: Lumelle's Ao3

Summary: While there were many downsides to being an unmarried lass in the Shire, at least back home Bilbo would never have been accused of fathering the child of a dwarven prince. Of course, she can't tell the truth, because Kíli's actual lover isn't exactly likely to gain Thorin's favor - not that anyone else seems to care what she has in her trousers.

Now she just has to survive jealous dwarves and embarrassing discussions until either Tauriel returns to the mountain or Thorin gets over himself. Or herself, Bilbo hasn't exactly asked yet.

Now what's an honorable hobbit lass to do? And where do you find one around here?

Review: All dwarves are male in Westron, but in their own tongue they are something else. There are no words for gender in the language of the dwarves. Mothers are those that take part in the craft of creating new life. The problem comes when Bilbo discovers that this means everyone assumes she's male. And even though it finally gives her freedom, it isn't a fiction she plans to keep forever.

This is a nice quick read that takes place soon after the events of the battle of the Five Armies, in a world where everyone survives. It is a lovely discussion of what exactly marriage, child rearing, and gender could look like in dwarven society.

Despite the heavy discussions the fic doesn't become dark and even manages to use some of the character misunderstanding tropes without falling into the trap of having everybody get pissed off and make everything worse, which is a nice change of pace from a lot of fics that use the mistakenly in a relationship plot.

A good, quick read for people interested in alternate culture and gender headcanons.

Dwarves & Damsels