February 16th, 2016

El Grande Avocados by Lena Kaito Kuroi Rico (G)

Title: El Grande Avocados
Fandom: Daredevil
Pairing: Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson
Categories/Genres: Romance, Drama, Betrayal
Length: 3.13 mins
Warnings: None

Author/Artist on Youtube: Lena KaitoKuroiRico

Summary:Okay... I think I'm done now with this TV-series... Well at least for some time xD ps their college scenes are the cutest thing ever ^^

Review: A moving video of all the moments of the show that were just brimming in life. So many shows these days are missing the point about what people need and it’s this. You can have drama, intrigue and action all you want but what an audience needs after everything has been screwed up and tested is that knowledge that it’s been worth it. That while we’ve tried and tried, maybe reaching our goal, maybe not, that it’s worth it because we have lived in the meantime. While we all have times where it feels like we will be sad forever, everyone one smiles again eventually and this video captures that perfectly.

El Grande Avocados