February 17th, 2016

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Messenger by Tramontana Keeper (Teen)

Title: Messenger
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: gen
Categories: dark, body...swap? ...share?, weirdfic, body horror, bittersweet
Length: medium, 11,000 words
Warnings: character death, depression, loss of identity, unhappy ending (a choice of two!)

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: Tramontana Keeper on fanfiction.net

Summary: It wasn't supposed to end like that. But it can't be the end as long as there's someone else to carry the burden, even if they have to be whipped into carrying it.

Review: Envy kills Ed, and then becomes Ed.

true, his parasite seemed rather mollified. Abruptly the pain lessened and he felt the other's hope slowly resurface, and with it, determination. We'll restore Al.

He felt the determination as if it was his own.

One of the oddest of fics exploring a high-concept idea. This is divergent from the manga (written before it was concluded) fairly far down the line and thus likewise the Brotherhood anime, but doesn't fit into the different canon and homunculus-backstory provided by the first anime as it's based around manga-Envy's peculiar and unique physical make-up. So if you've only seen the initial anime series, it might not make sense.

Envy kills Ed, but Ed gets himself absorbed into Envy's philosopher's stone and becomes one of the multiple voices in Envy's consciousness. Envy becomes affected and driven by the new presence within him of Ed's sense of failure and need to save Al, and using his shapeshifting abilities, abandons Envy and takes on the identity of Edward Elric in the world.

It's the most fascinating little piece, right down to the two alternate endings for the different ways things could go when Ed's goal is finally achieved, darkly true to the destruction of both characters embedded in its concept and pulling no punches.