February 21st, 2016

At The Wood's Boldness by Cthonical (NC-17)

Title: At The Wood's Boldness
Fandom: One-Punch Man
Pairing: Genos/Saitama
Categories/Genres: Romance, Established Relationship, Plot What Plot
Length: Short (1315 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on DW: Cthonical
Author Website: Cthonical


Genos has never regretted what he is, not once, but lately it’s been easy to let himself wonder what certain things might be like if he was still human enough to feel them, to do them, for real.


I've been absolutely dying to rec fic from One Punch Man, but with the fandom only just taking off, there's been a dearth of fanfiction to rec.

Normally I wouldn't rec straight-up smut, but clearly there's a lot of forethought on the author's part regarding what Genos can and can't feel with his human brain and mechanical body. Cthonical makes excellent use of small details to richly illustrate the scene, making it feel much larger and more intimate than its thousand-and-change words might lead one to believe.

At The Wood's Boldness