March 10th, 2016

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Angels We Have Heard (The Gloria Trilogy) by Unoshot, Crinklysolution (Teen)

Title: Angels We Have Heard [Gloria Trilogy]
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: gen
Categories: PODFIC, friendship, angst, character study, adventure
Length: long, ~16,000 words/2hr3mins combined
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: Podficcer: crinklysolution Writer: unoshot
Author Website: n/a?

Summary: Castiel looks for God. It is a tiresome and thankless task, and he is running out of time.

Review: For some reason I found myself today not really feeling the rec except for this podfic I'd heard six years ago that kept coming back to mind, that I did not have saved anymore, and did not know the title/author/reader of. Hence losing most of my evening to scouring the audiofic archive and then re-listening.

The story I especially remembered was the final Castiel POV installment, Angels We Have Heard, but together these are three linked gen character studies about Dean, Sam and Castiel back in the first half of season 5, with the common thread being Castiel's presence and the way the angel interacts with each brother the dynamic between them all.

The writing is beautiful, particularly in the third part, picking out details and observations about the characters and what drives them. The reading works perfectly for this story in particular, and there's a resonance there, in the telling, which I can't quite explain, but clearly stuck with me for 6 years nonetheless.

The podfic is available as one combined file under 'Gloria anthology' or as three individual files, and I've linked the original text as well.

PODFIC: The Gloria Trilogy Individually: In Excelsis The Mountains In Reply Angels We Have Heard
Text links: In Excelsis The Mountains In Reply Angels We Have Heard

Diamonds Do Not Equal Love (but they sure mean something) by Angenoir (Nc17)

Title: Diamonds Do Not Equal Love (but they sure mean something)
Fandom: Marvel MCU
Pairing: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner/Steve Rogers/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff/Thore
Categories: AU, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, PWP
Length: Long (22k)
Warnings: Omegaverse, Past abusive relationships

Author on LJ: angenoir
Website: AngeNoir's Ao3

Summary: Tony’s still not always sure how they all fell out like this. Well, okay, it isn’t like he’s completely clueless, he’s always very aware of sex, in all its forms and manipulations, going on around him and with him.

But Tony had to be blind not to notice the trinkets that Steve and Bruce were sporting.

In a world where omegas are given courting gifts of jewelry when alphas or betas or other omegas want to have sex with them, the media, the newspapers, and talk show hosts always make dismissive and disgusted remarks about how Tony Stark sleeps with so many people and yet refuses to wear any of their jewelry in public. Self-centered and arrogant, some say, while others whisper that, with his wealth, Tony really shouldn't be asking for gifts in the first place. Even with all the speculation about how rich and how decadent Tony's jewelry collection must be, however, no one's ever seen it.

Because Tony... Tony doesn't have a collection at all.

Review: This a beautiful and sweet fic that was written for the Marvel Big Bang. You should definitely check out the gorgeous art!

In a modern day Omegaverse, packs, polyamory, heats, and ruts are considered normal and acceptable. While I love the use of omegaverse as social commentary it is still really nice to see such a open and light version of the Omegaverse idea. One where people are considered equal but with different needs and pack is family of choice.

Most of the story drama comes from Tony's past abusive relationships and trauma. With his pack working to understand and support him as he tries to understand their building relationship.

The entire fic takes place over the course of one heat, so it is very fast moving and heavy on the smut, but the concentration on the emotionally payoff is really satisfying. If you are looking for a good first time dipping your toe in the omegaverse pool, this might be a good fic for you.

Diamonds Do Not Equal Love (but they sure mean something)