March 13th, 2016

Belonging by nogoaway (NC-17)

Title: Belonging
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese
Categories/Genres: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Pining, D/s, Hurt/Comfort
Length: Long (17113 words)
Warnings: BDSM

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: nogoaway


The engraving is a thin cursive font; elegant, but not pompous or flowery. Even in the light it's small, and John has to squint to see. It reads: Belonging to Harold R. Wren.

John feels his mouth quirk up. 'Belonging to'. Not 'Property of'. It was the kind of distinction that Harold was always concerned with. Of course he'd have something engraved custom rather than put his name, even a false one, to a statement he didn't believe. Bear wasn't anyone's property. But he belonged somewhere. He belonged to someone.


If it were remotely possible that the network that airs Person of Interest would be interested in a gay D/s love story, then Belonging is how I'd want it to unfold. nogoaway has obviously put considerable thought into Finch and Reese's canonical personalities to form their characterization, Reese's in particular. His reactions to Finch's peculiarities never feel 'incorrect'.

What's particularly lovely about Finch and Reese's relationship is the enduring equality in their partnership, even when John is at his subbiest.