March 16th, 2016

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Again by Snickfic, read by RickyPulsifer (G)

Title: Again
Fandom: Angel the series
Pairing: gen
Categories: PODFIC, drama, character study
Length: short, 761 words/7:57mins
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: RickyPulsifer on AO3, writer: Snickfic on AO3

Summary: The first time Darla rose from the dead, it wasn't like this.

Review: At the lobby door, she felt him watch her face the streaming afternoon sun. She strode out into it, unhesitating.
It was warm. Of all her memories of life and unlife, of habits and motions and sights, this she’d forgotten.

Last week I recced podfic, and this week I discovered that yesterday was Podfic Feedback Day, hence I am reccing podfic again.

Darla's return to life -- to mortality -- is explored in this small but perfectly presented podfic. The slightly discordant jangles of the otherwise sweet music choice are fitting to the character, and both the singer of the song that bookends the fic and the voice of the podficcer themself are a pretty good recall back to Julie Benz' portrayal of Darla in a manner which really breathes the presence of the source show into the podfic, which I enjoyed.

The story captures well this perfect snapshot of a moment: returned to life with a new vulnerability, weaker and human again at the behest of and plans of others, but still possessing all the years and history and calculation of the four century old vampire that made Angelus.

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