March 20th, 2016

On the Outside (Looking In) by redcigar (R)

Title: On the Outside (Looking In)
Fandom: Dishonored
Pairing: Corvo Attano/The Outsider
Categories/Genres: Alternate Universe, Magic, Drama, Romance, Fluff
Length: Medium (13204 words)
Warnings: YMMV consent issues by way of The Outsider's complete disregard of boundaries

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: redcigar


But the Outsider merely smiles his unreadable smile, and reaches into his pocket. Corvo tenses. Pale hands withdraw, and with it, a shiny coin, which the Outsider places into the small plastic bucket that Emily had faithfully decorated with green paper seaweed and glitter-glue, before placing ceremoniously on the café counter next to a flyer she had scrounged up on ocean conservation.

“For the whales,” the Outsider pronounces solemnly.


An alternate summary: Coffee shop AU featuring The Outsider being thirsty af for dilf!Corvo

And that's just how it starts. This story is a steady progression of The Outsider getting thirstier and thirstier for Dadtano until he's a shriveled little raisin of helpless affection, content to indulge Corvo and Emily at every turn. He tries so hard to be enticingly mysterious, only to be completely undone in the end.

Also, see if you can spot the scene in the fic where The Outsider [screams internally].

On the Outside (Looking In)