March 21st, 2016

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Oil and Watercolor by dedicatedfollower467 (Teen)

Title: Oil and Watercolor
Fandom: Batman (DCU)
Pairing: Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne (non-romantic, non-sexual)
Categories: Family, Friendship, Soulmarks
Length: Medium
Warnings: Offscreen non-consensual touching and marking, Talia's canon parenting, Batman's canon parenting, The Joker

Author Website:, Tumblr, Alfdis & Gunnora (webcomic)

Author’s Summary:
The problem with soulmarks is when you give one much less vivid than you get. Damian knows that pain very well.

A platonic soulmark AU where you leave colors on each other's skin the first time you touch.

Oil and Watercolor is a fairly short fic. Damian is the main character and he manages to be both pitiable and inspiring. He is proactive, but not very effective, because he sets unrealistic goals. Even when Damian's desires are very simple and basic, he somehow manages to demand ridiculous extremes of the world around him. Because this fic emphasises the underlying emotion rather than the surface arrogance, it is easy to care for him.

I like this fic's unusual form of soulmarkings - it forsakes the OTP element of standard soulmarks, but keeps the weird issues around fate, chance and free will - but I especially like the way the concept is used. Oil and Watercolor is full of subtle commentary on relationships and characters through vivid imagery.

Oil and Watercolor