March 27th, 2016

The Love Song of Suzanne Bittle by mahons_ondine (PG)

Title: The Love Song of Suzanne Bittle
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Coach/Suzanne Bittle, Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Outside POV, Established Relationship, Romance, Slice of Life, First Time, Family, Drama, Character Study, Domestic
Length: Medium (3343 words)
Warnings: Mild homophobic language and instances of homophobic violence

Author on LJ: exampleusername
Author Website: mahons_ondine


Suzanne Bittle may talk slow, but she doesn't think slow.


Check, Please! is a marvelously realized universe. The characters are unique and quirky, bringing life and humor and drama with their very existence.

In contrast, Coach Bittle, Eric's father, is an unusually dark horse in a brightly colored cast of characters. Up to the moment that I write this, he has never appeared in the comic. He's only ever called 'Coach' by Eric, which is conspicuous in itself, and when he's brought up, Eric is never particularly eager to talk about him.

Will he ever be revealed in the canon? Who, but Ngozi, can say. In the meantime, there's fanfiction to fill the gap.

mahons_ondine chooses Suzanne Bittle's perspective to recreate Bitty's childhood. And honestly, who better to tell it? There isn't anyone in canon who is both familiar to the audience and an authority on all things Eric Bittle, and if it weren't for the inclusion of an OC to play the part of Coach's younger and favored son, I would think this fic was part of canon.

The Love Song of Suzanne Bittle steps outside of the protective bubble of Samwell's very LGBT friendly campus. Starting from Bitty's childhood, Suzanne watches and worries about her eldest son, who doesn't quite fit in with what Coach Bittle wants for him. There's real tension in the family, between Bitty and his father, caused by the social expectations of the conservative rural South. Beyond the family, there's friction between Bitty and the homophobia of his fellow students, which Suzanne mourns but is ultimately unable to affect. But Suzanne still fights for Bitty's happiness, and pulls off a pretty stunning victory, in my opinion.

The Love Song of Suzanne Bittle