April 8th, 2016


Empty Graves by unpretty (Pg13)

Title: Empty Graves
Fandom: DC Comics, Batman vs Superman Movie
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Family, Time-travel
Length: Medium ( 6.5k)
Warnings: Minor Character Death, Albeist Slurs

Author on LJ: lora
Website: A03

Summary: Time travelers who plan to kill Superman never account for Martha Kent in their plans. She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier.

Review: This is such a nice character study of Martha Kent who we never get to see enough of. Loving and tough as nails, with the stubborn determination that her son is going to be a good man.

Knowledge of the movie is not required. Except for a cameo, most of the story could take place in any JLA universe.

Empty Graves