April 9th, 2016

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A Chemical Sort of Sickness by Tobiroth (Teen)

Title: A Chemical Sort of Sickness
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Categories: AU, fluff, romance, h/c
Length: Medium [14521 words]
Warnings: medical procedures (not too graphic)

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: n/a
Author/Artist/Creator Website: Tobiroth at AO3

Summary:Whether you were a Third Class SOLDIER getting your injections for the first time or a seasoned First Class, used to the bi-monthly Mako treatments that kept Shin-Ra’s special forces in prime physical condition, there was one shared, universal understanding between the troops as far as those things were concerned: they sucked.

This story is just one of those fuzzy warm happy fluff pieces that I need once in a while and I wanted to rec it for a long time.

It’s basically a story where Cloud gets his first mako shot, and through the haze and sickness that causes he meets Sephiroth and ends up being friends with Zack… and then he gets the chance to return the favor and be Sephiroth's friend and a little more than that.

It makes for a really nice and smooth read with tons of delicious hurt/comfort, but without the usual angst that comes with Cloud failing the exams that still explores Sephiroth and his complicated relationship with Hojo and Shinra.

This is one of my highly recommended stories.

A Chemical Sort of Sickness