April 10th, 2016

Ethics of Journalism by rosepetals42 (PG-13, NC-17)

Title: Ethics of Journalism
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Outside POV, Friendship, Fluff, Romance, Established Relationship, Coming Out, Humor, Post-Canon
Length: Medium (9564 + 3167 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: exampleusername
Author Website: rosepetals42


When Dan Erikson is assigned to write an article about Jack Zimmermann's years in college, he thinks he knows what he's getting into.

Then he meets Professor Simpson, Jack's photography professor.


Don't let the first few lines distract you, this so-called 'not-fic' turns into actual fic pretty quick, the author delving into Jack's academic life through the eyes of “Good Guy Reporter Dan Erikson” as he sets out to write about Jack's college years.

For all that Dan is a fairly undeveloped character, he's no idiot, but he's not ruthless the way reporters in fanfiction are often portrayed. When he sees Jack's photographs of Bitty it's easy enough to put together the clues and realize that Jack's feelings for Bitty are obviously more than platonic. He's tempted, but ultimately he lets the story, and all the potential consequences of it, remain a secret. A few years later, he's called to finally write about that secret, this time with the full blessing and cooperation of Jack, Bitty, and the rest of the Samwell crew who'd lived and played alongside them.

I've also included an adorable coda from Bitty's perspective, narrating the first time he and Jack are able to attend a publicized event as a couple, set after the events of Ethics of Journalism.

Ethics of Journalism
Drunk Jack Zimmermann
The first chapter of Ethics of Journalism has also been podficced by Podcath!