May 8th, 2016

taller than giants by seventhswan (PG)

Title: taller than giants
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Alternate Universe, Genderbend, Romance, Pining
Length: Medium (12171 words)
Warnings: Misogynistic speech from TV hosts toward a female athlete

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: seventhswan


When Erica Bittle first introduces herself to Jack she has a blueberry pie in her hands, and uses the word “y’all” apparently unironically. She’s tiny, her long golden hair tied up in a ponytail with a gingham ribbon like she’s on her way to debutante brunch. Her oven mitts have little apples printed all over them, and she smells like vanilla sugar, although Jack isn’t sure she’s even used any on the pie.

She might be an alien.


In this AU where the Samwell Mens Hockey Team is the Samwell Womens Hockey Team, there's a curious reversal of canon where, rather than Eric Bittle being so sure that Jack Zimmermann is straight, Jack Zimmermann (female) is utterly convinced that Erica Bittle is straight. Shitty naturally sets Jack 'straight' on her assumptions, but it's an interesting juxtaposition nonetheless. But as canon!Bitty before her, the assumption of heterosexuality certainly doesn't stop Jack from having feelings she doesn't comprehend for the bulk of the story.

seventhswan is loyal to the canon characterizations in spite of the gender swap. Jack is awkward, and Bitty is as sunny as ever. Shitty makes it her personal mission to wear as little clothing as possible. The rest of the regular cast make appearances in the fic, even Johnson the Metaphysical Goalie, who happily provides a plot device at a critical moment.

It does bother me that Erica Bittle is for some reason even worse with being checked than her canonical male counterpart, and Shitty's heterosexuality is rewritten as homosexuality for the sake of preserving the character's canonical feelings toward Lardo, but overall seventhswan recreates the characters in their new setting with admirable precision.

taller than giants