May 15th, 2016

Hamartia (the hero's fatal flaw) by astolat (NC-17)

Title: Hamartia (the hero's fatal flaw)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese
Categories/Genres: Case file, Drama, Domestic, Action/Adventure, Romance, Fluff, Kids
Length: Long (15280 words)
Warnings: Homophobia, Death of a major villain character (per canon at the time of the writing of the fic)

Author on LJ: astolat
Author Website: astolat


"We're not looking to make friends, Harold," John said. "We want our neighbors to classify us and then avoid us. Being the scandalous gay couple down the street is a good option."


With Person of Interest heading into its final season, I figured it's been long enough since my last rec of one of astolat's fic to rec yet another of their remarkable POI fics. Not to mention, Hamartia is long overdue a rec.

astolat brings back a familiar face from Season 1 of the series. Leila, now grown into a rambunctious toddler, has been targeted by Root to be used as leverage against Finch in a bid to gain control of The Machine. Finch and Reese take Leila out of New York to disappear for a while, and in the meanwhile, discover the particular trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Though the plot of the fic has been thoroughly jossed by successive seasons, the story is still an excellent read for the hilarity of Leila's shenanigans and Reese's fumbling steps into fatherhood. The romantic subplot is almost incidental to the domestic adventures of Leila's new makeshift family, but what really draws me in for reread after reread is astolat's keen understanding of Reese's character through the entire ordeal.

Hamartia (the hero's fatal flaw)