May 21st, 2016

magic book

Pretty the World by chaila (G)

Title: Pretty the World
Fandom: Supergirl (TV)
Pairing: James/Kara
Categories: vid, fluff, romance
Length: 3:37
Warnings: none

Creator on DW: [personal profile] chaila
Creator Website: n/a

Summary:Kara/James romance vid set to "Pretty the World" by Matt Nathanson

Review: Super glossy and well edited vid for the first 10 or so episodes of Supergirl that does a perfect job of highlighting the different layers to Kara's character. there are some super fun scenes that also tell the story of what these two mean to each other and how their relationship grows and why they are so good for each other. It's definitely not just an interesting look at the heroine, but also at James and how he perceives the world and Supergirl/Kara.

The song is very well chosen and captures the mood of the show and also focuses on the lighter early notes of this pairing.

Pretty the World