May 26th, 2016


Bird by Bird by laceymcbain (Pg-13)

Title: Bird by Bird
Fandom: DCU Comics(Batfamily)
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Action/Adventure, Family, Hurt/Comfort
Length: Medium (18k)
Warnings: Medical Issues/Descriptions of Blood

Author on LJ: laceymcbain
Website: laceymcbain

Summary: Bullets, knives, a three story fall, even a fucking crowbar hadn't managed to keep Jason down permanently, but Dick Grayson (and the rest of his "family") was going to kill him with kindness.

Review: Jason Todd is one of my favorite characters. And this is a great Jason centric story. With a little bit of action/adventure and a lot of feels. It's really awesome to see him reconnect with the rest of the Bat!family on such a good note.

I also love Dick and Damian in this. Dick is such a great big brother and Damian is such an angry kitten of a Robin.

Bird by Bird